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So there I am wandering through the LCBO the other night and what do I see but a grungy hang tag on an otherwise beautiful bottle of Henry of Pelham wine. Printed on recycled brown paper was “The dirty hands project” with a cool message on the flip side. They claim “when you drink a 750 ml bottle of Henry of Pelham wine you preserve one square metre of Ontario’s Greenbelt in the Niagara Peninsula for another year. How? By putting the land to it’s best use in sustainable agriculture…. It’s like renting the land but getting a delicious bottle of wine for your effort.” (Gotta love that logic!)

Get your hands dirty on June 20, 2009 and “learn to plant and tend your own grapevine – a one-day event hosted at the winery designed to help you cultivate your inner farmer.” Heck, just drive down the gorgeous Wine Route to St. Catharines and be sure to bring your John Deere hat and a pair of work gloves. Your “inner farmer” will love you!

What I love about this is it:

1. provides good reason to support local growers (buying a local Ontario wine also reinvigorates our local economy by a significantly higher factor than foreign wines you can purchase (think of all the farmers, winemakers and equipment suppliers you employ in Ontario when you buy Niagara wines);

2. makes the case that “the forests and wetlands in [the Ontario Greenbelt] benefit from your good taste, too, as they remain undeveloped and in the direct service of the environment, cleaning the air and water onsite and off;” and

3. enables you to learn more about wine making in general and this vintner in particular. One-day sales at Henry of Pelham’s will no doubt spike on June 20th and what LCBO customer who attends this event and leaves with a wine vine to plant at his or her own home wouldn’t choose to buy their wines in the months and years to come?!

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