Posted on Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Frequently we do work for ‘competing’ colleges, social service organizations and the like and yet the work is vastly different one to the other. The real difference is that at wishart we don’t cut corners or try to adapt one failed design to another organization. We don’t do it for two reasons: 1) it’s wrong and 2) it wouldn’t be right.

Integrity is key in our business and we set out to maintain very high standards in this regard. Also, a design we develop for one organization is created just for them. If it’s not exactly right for them, it’s likely just as wrong for any other group. Look through our website ( ) at the many different appeals, capital fund raising and planned giving campaigns and ask what, other than the fact that they were created by wishart, do they have in common? Hopefully what you see are concepts and designs that are as distinct as the organizations they represent.

One of the things that makes this creative for Accomodation, Information and Support, Inc. so powerful is that the tenants, steering committee and management team offered themselves to us in a way that few other organizations do. Led by long-time Executive Director, Marissa Bastidas, what impresses us most about working with AIS is the honesty and humility of every member of the organization. Their strength comes from their ability to expose their vulnerability. They are truly remarkable people doing extraordinary good.


We are better for having worked with them.

AGENCY: wishart
CLIENT: Accomodation, Information and Support, Inc.

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