What are YOU selling?

Posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

A few years ago we heard a marketing guru boast that “Harley Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles; it sells 43-year-old accountants the opportunity to dress up in black leather, drive through small towns and scare people.” What are you selling?





While their mission statement states “the mission of the American Lung Association is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health” they are really ‘selling’ a world where men, women and children can breathe freely. Working with a number of chapters spread across a number of different states (and different communication objectives) wishart produced a highly original and effective direct mail creative as part of an integrated phone / mail planned giving campaign for Legacy Leaders. Although each panel targeted a different fundraising objective, it was presented in the context of helping ensure a world without lung disease. Being clear about what you are “selling” helps donors buy (donate) more.

AGENCY: wishart
WEBSITE: www.wishart.net
PHOTOGRAPHER: John VanDuzer and Stock
ILLUSTRATIONS: dwellephant
CLIENT: Legacy Leaders / American Lung Association
WRITER: Ann Rosenfield

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