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Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 6:15 pm

If there’s one thing that always catches our eye at the supermarket, it’s how much bottled water can cost. But even carbonated water drawn from a spring in the Rocky Mountains would have trouble matching what these bottles of UNICEF’s Celebrity Tap water cost. What began as having restaurants ask for $1 donations for tap water in 2007 has turned into celebrity-etched glass bottles in 2011. UNICEF put up these bottles as prizes for their Celebrity Tap sweepstakes earlier this year, and netted a whole lot of money for over 150 water-deprived countries.

We’ve talked about the lack of clean water before, but for those unaware, over 1 billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean water, a luxury we literally have gushing from our taps. This leads to a myriad of health problems and rampant diseases being spread across continents. UNICEF battled this problem by taking tap water, and making us pay lots of money for it (kind of like Dasani, except UNICEF has cooler bottles).

Every dollar raised for the Celebrity Tap sweepstakes goes straight to providing clean, drinkable water to those in need. Hats off to Selena Gomez, Robin Williams, Rihanna, Adrian Grenier, Dwight Howard, and Taylor Swift for letting UNICEF steal their valuable tap water for an awesome cause.

Celebrity Tap Water


While there are no more super cool bottles to win, you can still support UNICEF Tap by donating money here: https://www.celebritytap.org/

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