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Posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Phoenix Place doesn’t want your tears but they DO need your help! Going out now is an e-Blast created by WISHART for Phoenix Place, a Stage 2 shelter for abused women and their children. Yes, Phoenix Place is the place women can escape to when their romantic dream becomes a nightmare. Emergency shelters provide safe accommodation for women and children fleeing abuse for up to 6 weeks, while ‘second stage’ shelters like Phoenix Place provide transitional housing with supportive programs for up to a year. Because abuse doesn’t make for good dinner conversation, places like Phoenix Place don’t get much attention – or money – and we are doing our best to change that. What follows is the text for the e-Blast which was done pro bono. Think of your mother, your sister, your co-worker or just think of yourself. And when you do think how great it would make you feel to help provide an even safer place for abused women and their children. They’re only looking to raise $25,000. Help them do it! Go to: www.phoenixplace.ca

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When my husband became a monster and, after beating me, turned to look at my daughter something in me snapped. I knew it was time to run and never look back.

A victim of domestic violence, I never thought this would happen to me. Not in a million years. But it did. And when I saw that he was going to do to my daughter what he’d done to me we ran.

An emergency shelter was our first stop but as good as it was, you can only stay there to a maximum of 6 weeks. But breaking free is only the first step in a very long struggle to regain your life. With no money, no clothes and no friends, could you completely rebuild your shattered life in 42 days? I couldn’t.

That’s why I feel so grateful that I was able to get into Phoenix Place.

Phoenix Place provides ‘second-stage,’ transitional shelter and support to victims of abuse and our children for up to one year. For 365 days, in safe and secure, self-contained apartments, women like me begin to heal and put our lives back together. You’ve likely never heard of Phoenix Place. That’s because it focuses on forgotten women like me and because they are more concerned about our security than hogging the spotlight.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. Phoenix Place has an immediate need of $25,000 to maintain its facilities and sustain its life-changing support programs.They need:

• a few modest yet critical upgrades to their residential facility, and

• the ability to extend its transition support, counseling and legal programs to women not fortunate enough to be housed at Phoenix Place but who are out there, on their own, trying to survive.

Please help. Women like me need you right now! Please make a tax-deductible gift today!!!

I hope that as you pause to catch your breath before the chaos of Christmas, you will think about us and the on-going challenges we face if for no other reason that it could happen to a loved one of yours just as it happened to me. Please visit their website (www.phoenixplace.com ) to learn more about the organization and how you can become involved in this life-changing, life-affirming work.

On behalf of all the women transformed by Phoenix Place, I thank you for your generous support. Yes, you will receive a charitable tax receipt and our love.

Thank you,


(I’m sorry I cannot sign my last name but I would not want to put anyone – including myself – in further jeopardy.)


AGENCY: wishart
WEBSITE: www.wishart.net
WRITER: Judy and John VanDuzer
CLIENT: Phoenix Place
CLIENT WEBSITE: www.phoenixplace.ca

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