Barefoot no more; the shoemaker finally has shoes

Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 11:23 am

It’s been said that the son of a shoemaker has no shoes or, in days of old, that the cobbler’s children went unshod. Well, despite the fact that wishart prides itself on helping its clients keep pace with new technologies and social media and that we have converted any number of flash-based websites to go mobile, wishart finally has its own mobile website. We welcome it to the world in tandem with a kinda funky desktop version for those who prefer their websites big and on their desk rather than small and in their hand.

So with all the fan fare we can muster at 6am on a Saturday morning before our first cup of coffee, we humbly announce the dawn of a new day:

Yes, we have shoes. Now if we could only find matching socks.

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