Oh, baby!

Posted on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 1:31 pm

It’s garnering headlines the world over and no wonder…

A box in which parents can leave their babies anonymously and without any legal risk opened Wednesday in a town in northwestern Russia.

The so-called ‘baby box’ in Kirishi, an industrial town east of St. Petersburg, is the tenth such facility in Russia.

It’s about time…

Apparently, Russian police have registered 268 cases of murder of newborn babies by their mothers in 2010-2011, and Russian media have carried regular reports of babies found in garbage containers, forests or snowdrifts. Every month over 30 newborns are found abandoned in Russia. No doubt the actual number is much higher.

Even one child lost is one child too many.

“Even if only one child is saved that way it will be worth it,” said Tatiana Sobolevskya, deputy chief of the maternity department of Kirishi’s hospital, where the baby box is located. Nikolai Muravlev, a Russian Orthodox priest, came to bless the box and praise it as “island of safety.”

“A baby box isn’t a universal cure, it’s a way to attract attention to the problem and to help women,” said Galina Murzakayeva, a co-ordinator for the Kirishi project.

I applaud and endorse the efforts of activists and authorities for having the courage to make such a bold move and for seeing this through. With worldwide media attention being brought to bear on this story I hope people are emboldened rather than put off by any negative response. I pray other countries – even our own beloved Canada – make similar arrangements, because this surely is an issue that transcends boundaries.

It knows no bounds.

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  1. Rose says:

    Where do all the children go? I am unable to have children and wish to adopt two children. How do I get in touch with this agency?

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