Happy New Year: Children are precious!

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 10:41 pm

It goes without saying that children are precious, but dare we say (as we resolve to make this an even better year) that children really ARE precious and we should value them as such! Certainly this is the view of Peel Children’s Aid Foundation and wishart was thrilled to be selected to create their 2012-13 Annual Report as a calendar worth keeping.

It’s also our great pleasure to showcase the work of Dwellephant, who was introduced to us years ago by then wishart’s art director extraordinaire, Jamie Bowers (and though she left us for Uncle Sam we’ve continued to admire her work from afar). Fast forward to 2012, and we didn’t have to think twice when the client asked if we knew an illustrator whose work is both funky AND fantastic. Check out his work here (and soon on our website, www.wishart.net ) or by going to www.dwellephant.com. Tell him John thinks his work is precious, too!
















Imagine losing your mother to a sudden illness and not knowing where you will live. This happened to Maya and her sister Grace after their mother passed away from cancer and their father was not in their lives. Their retired grandparents wanted to give their granddaughters a home, but were living on a tight budget and were unable to provide items needed to prepare their home for small children. Peel Children’s Aid Foundation was able to meet their emergency needs of safety items and basic care needs to allow the family to stay together. Here’s the January calendar image illustrating this story:














Everyone needs a happy face to brighten their day. In the form of a poster included as part of our Calendar Annual Report for Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, here’s ours:

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