Children are precious in March

Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 3:20 am

Loving the little happy face replacement for a halo, from wishart’s calendar-style Annual Report for Peel Children’s Aid Foundation comes this feature for March about ‘Sports for Kids':

Born to an alcoholic mother, Peter was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Now 12, Peter has always found it very difficult to make friends and endures constant teasing. Although delayed, he understands why his peers bully him, and his self-hatred led to dangerous behaviours such as cutting. Peter fell in with a bad crowd who offered him “friendship” in return for getting him to perform petty crimes. Caught shoplifting, Peter completed a crime deterrence program and the Foundation enrolled him in a karate class to help him learn self-discipline and self-defense. It’s done wonders for his confidence; no one takes advantage of him anymore and has gained some really good friends.



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