Children are precious (Happy Mother’s Day, Catherine!)

Posted on Sunday, May 12th, 2013 at 3:34 am

Last time we checked, kids need moms. Dads, too, of course, but today is Mother’s Day and to them goes our love.

Working on an annual report is never easy and although the calendar-style annual report we created for Peel Children’s Aid Foundation looks simple enough, it was the only made to look so because of a lot of hard work. And to the woman that birthed this particular baby, we celebrate Catherine Hinton, CFRE, Executive Director of Peel Children’s Aid Foundation and a great personal friend. Catherine, a graduate of Queen’s University (wearing an Artsci tam, no less), is celebrated in this picture along with her dad and daughter secure in the knowledge that love triumphs over all.

At wishart, we’re all about supporting kids in developing nations, but we remind you that there are a great many ways you can help kids here at home, too. In honour of your mother, consider making a gift in her honour today!

For your consideration, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation is a registered charity, raising funds for urgently needed programs that offer support, education and hope to children and youth. Our programs help vulnerable children to share some of the joys that every childhood should contain and maximize their potential for future success and happiness.

Your generous donation to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation can be made through their secure website at

Consider making a one-time Gift: Donate now and help improve the lives of children and youth affected by poverty, abuse and neglect. It takes so little to positively affect the life of a child and your gift could make all the difference. If you wish, you may direct your gift to the Foundation program of your choice.


Become a monthly donor and invest in our children and youth throughout the year. No matter how small, your monthly gift really adds up over the course of a year and makes a significant difference in the life of a child or teen. Select a particular program to which your gifts will be allocated, or allow us to direct your gift to the area most urgently in need of support.

There are lots and lots of other options and one they value highly is the one we like best: volunteer!

You can take part in a special event, work in their Holiday Wishes Toy Room, or help them with the many administrative tasks in the office. For more information, please call Peel Children’s Aid’s Volunteer Department at 905 363-6131.






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