Children are precious in May

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 3:28 am

wishart’s hard-working administrator, Laurie Peterson, loves this picture Dwellephant drew for the wishart-designed calendar-style Annual Report because it reminds her of all the reasons she loves being a mother. Created to showcase the Young Mother’s Group, it tells the story of how after having her first daughter at the age of 17, Nadine felt alone and isolated from her peer group. Spending the last seven years in the care of Peel Children’s Aid, Nadine did not have family support to help her through the challenges of being a first-time mother. Nadine found support from her Social Worker, Anna, and with her help and support became a confident, caring mother. Now, Nadine is helping create Peel Children’s Aid’s first group for young mothers in care. Nadine’s is optimistic this group will give young women the chance to meet other mothers with similar circumstances, share challenges and successes and ultimately allow their children to grow up in a loving environment. wishart’s optimistic that with generous donors this program will grow to meet the need Nadine is trying her best to meet.


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