Guardian: Friend or Foe

Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 at 4:54 am

Target marketing in a mass media publication, the UK’s Guardian newspaper once again proved itself adept at garnering worldwide attention at next to no money. Even (and maybe, particularly) in merry old England, people either love or hate the monarchy. Keep Calm and Click On, the Guardian’s website seemed to say. As a royal watcher watching for news of the birth of the future heir to the throne you simply clicked ‘Royalist?’ in the upper right corner of the website and, not surprisingly, there was muchness about the duchess, her labour, and later, her baby boy. But for those who find the royals to be a royal pain, you simply had to click ‘Republican’ and any and all references to the baby and the bedlam surrounding the boy were gone faster than you could say ‘cheerio.’ Bloody brilliant. And a reminder that some simple programming on a website can make all the difference. Now if only the SPCA would take the same idea and simply show cat videos to cat lovers, and pictures of pooches to those who would sooner cough up a fur ball than see a cat playing Chopin on the piano.

While the Duchess gives birth to a boy, The Guardian gives birth to a brilliant idea


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