The Vigilant Fundraiser: 12 Steps to Fundraising Success is coming soon

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 1:37 am

Here’s a seemingly obvious truth: You don’t reinvent the wheel around the core activities of fundraising. Instead, what is important is to first understand what the wheel looks like and then to manage the process with vigilance.

Through years of experience, George Stanois has identified 12 steps for an effective fundraising program. In The Vigilant Fundraiser, George and a team of highly-skilled contributors share how you can look for opportunities within the 12 steps to set your organization apart from all the others who do what you do.

Chapter contributors share a wealth of experience in illuminating each of the 12 steps:

Step One: Victoria White on Writing a Powerful Case for Support
Step Two: John Phin on Developing a Fundraising Strategy
Step Three: Jennifer Hilborn and Sarah Varley on Special Event Best Practices
Step Four: Gina Eisler on Donor Recognition and Stewardship
Step Five: Lee Pigeau on Developing a Fundraising Committee
Step Six: Lee Pigeau on Training Volunteers to make The Ask
Step Seven: Liz Rejman on Identifying your Key Stakeholders
Step Eight: Paul Nazareth on Planned Giving
Step Nine: Peter Barrow on a Communications Plan
Step Ten: Ed Sluga on Marketing through a newsletter
Step Eleven: Yours truly, John VanDuzer on The “C” Change: the case for creative (the only chapter with pictures, might I add)
Step Twelve: Jim Watson and George Stanois on Being Vigilant

As George notes, “Being vigilant means using all the steps; executing 7 steps out of 12 isn’t going to cut it.”

This excellent resource provides the full picture on fundraising – and will become the go-to tool for fundraisers looking to “up their game” and find new ways of successfully tackling resource development challenges.

The book will be out soon. Stay tuned!!!

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