Has anybody seen the vigilant fundraiser?

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 2:21 pm

The Vigilant Fundraiser is out there – I know it – but where?!

The launch of the book The Vigilant Fundraiser was so successful that none of the authors even has a copy of the book. Why? Because the first run sold out at the AFP Congress held in Toronto this week.

The copy given to me on Monday by publisher Jim Hilborn was snatched away 15 minutes later because someone wanted to buy it. Yes, many more copies of the book have been ordered, but early sales of The Vigilant Fundraiser have outpaced even Hilborn’s magnum opus, “Excellence in Canadian Fundraising” which has sold well over 1,000 copies in the last 18 months. (Not bad for a $90 textbook!)

For people with a little less money to spend, The Vigilant Fundraiser comes in at just $24.95.

From the launch party, pictured here are editor extraordinaire and wine enthusiast, George Stanois, and to his right, the publisher of publishers, Jim Hilborn.

George Stanois and Jim Hilborn are all smiles at the launch of The Vigilant Fundraiser

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