wishart goes Bach in Time

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Working with Dr. Patricia Wright is always a pleasure but she certainly outdid herself this time.

Metropolitan United Church’s Minister of Music and Organist is a very rare talent and her ability to make spirits soar through the Church’s remarkable Casavant Frères organ are without equal. wishart has designed six of Pat’s seven music CDs and the latest – her apparent swan song – is amongst her finest. Part of the reason for this is the addition of her friend, Patricia Orr, a writer with exceptional abilities. She wrote and then read a poem which is interspersed with music on “Bach In Time: Let There be Beauty.”

wishart was tasked with designing a remarkable CD package that was as mysterious, engaging and original as the poem. Additionally, we created a stand-alone booklet for the poetry. Included in the $25 cost of the CD, the booklet is as stunning as it is evocative.

A real thrill for wishart’s Creative Director, John VanDuzer was having his daughter, Anna, contribute to the design of the CD and booklet. “She helped give the artwork more vitality when I was at risk of compromising and toning it down,” John says. “Three days later I showed her the final design and Anna said, “yeah, that’s what I told you days ago… what took you so long?!”

Purchase the CD: http://www.metunited.org/jmv4/index.php/met-e-store/music-cds

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