26 Jun 12

Join the losing team in the game of life

Weather too warm for you? This will give you chills! Note: The following is the transcribed remarks of Geoffrey Canada, CEO and president of the Harlem Children’s Zone, who delivered […

Joan VanDuzer
26 Jun 12

A plaque upon your court house

  A plaque was unveiled at the Hamilton Family Court House earlier today which has a special family connection I’m more than happy to share. The Hamilton Family Court was […

25 Jun 12

What the bus bully video shows about raising money

I was happy to be asked to comment on the impact of the Karen Klein bus monitor video which is making the rounds when asked by inveterate newshound, Janet Gadeski. […

31 May 12

Google gets it

Google’s informal (and much ridiculed) internal motto, ‘Don’t be evil’ is much the same and yet very different from wishart’s (‘Creating the Greater Good’) but I don’t mind saying I […

01 Feb 12

How much is a black person’s future worth?

Happy Black History Month! But before we get gushy and sentimental, let’s please acknowledge that although there’s losts to celebrate, there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Dare […

Haiti in The Atlantic
12 Jan 12

Haiti and Hope

Two years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti it’s all but impossible to imagine what the tiny, impoverished country has been through. Or what challenges remain. So, in an effort […

09 Jan 12

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. — Brian Reed

MEXICO ONE Having just returned from Mexico, I’d like to share some photos which will help me explain my ideas about design and why it matters. This is the first […

Move aside, Norman Rockwell
18 Dec 11

Move aside, Norman Rockwell

It’s been said that Santa is as much a construct of Coca-Cola and Norman Rockwell as it was Clement Clarke Moore, the author of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. But […

Excellence in Fundraising cover
13 Dec 11

What to get the fundraiser on your list

Excellence in Fundraising in Canada: The Definitive Resource for Canadian Fundraisers Already #3 on The Globe and Mail’s Best Selling Business Book List, Excellence in Fundraising in Canada: The Definitive […

16 Sep 11

Can skate

I see her at a distance but she can’t see me. She’s got a real job to do and she’s concentrating. It’s clear she’s having fun, though; she’s in her […

Art Duerksen in The Spec
14 Sep 11

Art Duerksen is a miracle!

It’s not that I’m cynical, it’s just that it’s not often you see a front page article in a major daily with the title “Mystery or Miracle” and then have […

09 Sep 11

The web leaders hate typography (but not for long)

Maybe I’m getting lazy or maybe it’s better to have someone else say what I’ve been telling clients for years. Yes, much of this is copied from Seth Godin’s blog […

18 Aug 11

Watch your language

A comment I heard on the radio today reminded me of something I saw while taking a trip earlier this summer on Toronto’s ‘the better way.’  It was a poster […

19 Jul 11

Giving heat the cold shoulder

As we see our once green grass turn to coarse brown thatch as temperatures soar to record levels in most of Canada, a deadly combination of drought, on-going conflict and […

12 Jul 11

Barking up the wrong tree

It makes sense that customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Writing about the essentials of good customer service on the website about.com, Susan Ward states, “You can offer […

10 Jun 11

wE Read: The Change Masters

The Change Masters  //  Key Learning In her 1983 book, The Change Masters, Rosabeth Moss Kanter reasons that growth problems in American companies are due to suffocation of the entrepreneurial […

Come Together Macy's
02 Jun 11

Come Together: Macy’s

It’s no secret that poverty is a huge issue in Hamilton. wishart has responded to this problem through our support of CityKidz, which brings joy to poverty-stricken children in our […

31 May 11

wE Read: Leadership

Leadership  //  Key learning By James MacGregor Burns In honour of Dianne Lister stepping into the role of President and Executive Director of The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on May […

21 May 11

One step forward?

I had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the inaugural installation of art on Hamilton’s King William ARTWALK last week. At wishart we’re concerned for and committed to Hamilton’s […

20 May 11

Pictures tell the story: Japan

This Powerpoint presentation was sent to us as an email attachment and work stood still while we watched. And watched. And watched. And then we made a donation to the […

19 May 11

Say it ain’t so

For years the only safe haven in computerdom, someone has taken a bite out of my delicious Apple. The so-called “MAC Defender” is a scam; it’s a virus. Just as […

09 May 11

Let the ‘Son’ shine in

Taken with an iPhone, when we were dropping off our latest work to our valued client, we were struck with the sun shining through one of the windows at Wycliffe […

01 May 11

wE Read: Blur

Blur  //  Key learning The world of business can learn a lot from the philanthropic world and vice versa. In the course of this blog we will look at any […

29 Apr 11

Hear ye, See ye!

Right around the corner from our office, the King William ARTWALK is about to become a reality. From the ARTWALK’s website: “The mission of King William ARTWALK is to foster, […

12 Apr 11

Pathways to success

We keep coming back to education initiatives here on Creating the Greater Good, and that’s because we think they’re important. On that note, we’d like to give a shout out […

07 Apr 11

Get abreast of the latest movie news

  At wishart we’re pretty crazy about our movies. And if those movies can be used to create awareness for a good cause, hey, so much the better. That’s why […

28 Mar 11

wE Read: The Borderless World

The Borderless World //  Key learning Re-reading Kenichi Ohmae’s business classic from 1990, we are reminded that as we enlarge our thinking to include a world-wide view of markets, customers […

18 Mar 11

Women make most money decisions

It’s foolish. And we find it more than simply frustrating. Sitting with a fund development officer tell us about her latest prospect. A man. But, we say, “what about his […

Celebrity Tap Water
16 Mar 11

Tapping into today’s celebrity culture

If there’s one thing that always catches our eye at the supermarket, it’s how much bottled water can cost. But even carbonated water drawn from a spring in the Rocky […

12 Mar 11

Betting on Green

If time permits we may come back to this blog post and share what we thought was especially important in this article, but suffice to say it reminded us of […